Well it seems like a first, But Mark Lewis, Has made a comment in his own name for the first time on La Marina Forum.
It is actually put on a section set aside for comments to and from our Councillor for the Urbs Jeff.
It tells the residents of San Fulgencio,to make sure they register to vote in next years elections and they will need to go to the mini town hall and do so before the end of the year.
He wouldn't be Mark, unless he said something anti Jeff, so he blames the council for not informing everybody he then blames Jeff for not putting it on his blog. I wouldn't be Alan unless I had a pop at Mark, so to even things up Mark hasn't put it on his blog (La Marina Info) either, although it is clear that it is an advertising gimmick for APSFU (opposing political party). we should be expecting lots of information from all groups shortly, as they try to convince us to give them a well paying job for a few years.
p.s. Within minutes of my writing this comment Mark has added the voting comment to his blog, shame he didn't do it earlier ,Then I wouldn't of had to point it out to him.

La Marina

Hi Alan,
It is true that to vote in the May 2015 local elections you have to apply by the 31st of December if you are not already on the electoral register.
If you are already registered you will not receive a letter through the post unless you registered recently. If you are uncertain, you can check whether or not you are on the electoral list by coming into our Office for the Urbanisations.
The matter of informing the people how to vote is currently being dealt with. The Office for the Urbanisations has been giving out this information to people directly and we are just waiting for the official campaign from the Townhall which we will then of course publicise.
You can register at any of the Townhall offices including the Office for the Urbanisations where we speak both Spanish and English and on a Thursday have a German translator to assist the German speaking population.

Commented samhull05 in La Marina 2014-11-27 11:42:08 UTC

I must of read in the recent past about registering by the end of the year. On Monday I needed to sort out my SUMA and I thought, it would be a good time to renew my Padron and get myself on the voting list for next year, glad I did now. As the mini town hall was not too busy. All I have to do know is sort out who will be on my short list for voting for. Don't suppose you will be a candidate will you Sam (LOL)

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-11-27 12:16:16 UTC

Hi Alan,
Yes the party wants me to stand alongside Jeff at the next election. But there is still a while before the official candidates list will be announced.

Commented samhull05 in La Marina 2014-11-27 12:41:35 UTC

You have made my day.
I have mentioned on this Forum, more than once that the person I would like to see as a local Councillor is you.
On the few times I have spoken to you, I couldn't help but be impressed by your attitude, and helpfulness, I hope that when the time comes you will put yourself forward as a possible Councillor,
Best of Luck for the future

Commented Alan in La Marina 2014-11-27 13:13:59 UTC

Thank you Alan, I really appreciate your support.

Commented samhull05 in La Marina 2014-11-28 08:33:22 UTC

Yeah! Come on Sam you know we all love you!

Commented Peter Horsfield in La Marina 2014-11-29 13:59:04 UTC

Hi Sam I like many others do hope that you will stand at the next election. You have on several occasions been most helpful to so many of us when we were not sure how to proceed. Good luck Sam most with brains will vote for you.

Commented Sunshine in La Marina 2014-12-01 07:35:45 UTC